Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bear Den Meeting 1 Agenda

Bear Den Meeting 1 Agenda

Den meetings are usually held after school or on the evening. It is up to you as the den leader if you would like to meeting on a weekly basis or bi-weekly. For my den we plan to meet bi-weekly. The den meetings last approximately an hour. As a den leader you will be investing your time in other meetings as well such as:
* One evening each month for a pack meeting 
* One evening a month for the Cub Scout Roundtable ( at the roundtable you will get good program ideas based on the monthly core value and meet other leaders in your pack)
* One evening each month for a planning meeting with other pack leaders.

Tomorrow will be my first meeting as a den mom =D Here is the agenda I am starting out with for our first meeting. Since this is the month of October I thought it would be fun to work on achievement 5a making a bird feeder in a haunted house theme. Stay tuned for pictures and a tutorial on how we made it!

Wish me luck!

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