Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yep I did....Lunchable Bento Lunch

Yep I did....Lunchable Bento Lunch

Yea..I am one of those moms who does NOT buy those lunchables...I just see the dyes in them and nitrates in the lunch meat and I cringe! I always buy the nitrate free lunch meats for our lunches. My sons have been telling me time and time again that they want to try one just ONCE  PLEASE MOMMY! They see many of their classmates bringing them for lunch.

Soooo....I let them try it just this ONCE lol! So we are living on the edge today and they are having their first "lunchable" I am trying to ease my mind by hoping they will finish their cherry tomatoes, kiwi and cutie orange to help balance it all out haha!

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