Thursday, October 3, 2013

Turn Back Thursday...My boys' first day of Cub Scouts

My boys' first day of Cub Scouts

I chuckle at myself just one year ago this week when I first signed my boys up for Cub Scouts. I looked at the neckercheif and was unsure how it was to be worn so on the picture (right side...bottom) I positioned it like a fashion scarf and didn't any of the neckerchief showing in the back. I knew NOTHING about cub scouts. I actually thought it was ALL called Boy Scouts. Then I learned there are cub scouts then weblos and THEN Boy Scouts haha! 

These pictures were our very first pack meeting and well our first scout meeting ever! My son Ian who is my youngest entered in as a Tiger but was in kindergarten so he was too young to earn actual badges but they get to do all the activites. My oldest son Jayden entered in as a wolf after earning his bobcat badge. 

Here I am a year later as a den mother for my oldest son's Bear Cub den. We have grown to really love Cub Scouts and my boys have the same enthusiasm a year later about going to their meetings and activites. Cub Scouts have been the best mix of teamwork, athletics, art, competition, social skills, leadership, character building, confidence building and growing experience for my boys!

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