Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cub Scout Conservation Project

I was so thrilled to find a conservation project online for our County. I contacted the organizer and asked if our Cub Scout pack could get involved and they were thrilled we would volunteer to help. 
The day of the project just so happened to be the first day this Pacific Northwest had a storm. Trees were falling on the road just to get to the project site:

So only a handful of boys made it to participate but I have to say these guys were troopers! These boys worked hard in the heavy winds, mud and cold...the digging was HARD work! I'm very proud of these Scouts!

The digging was hard, we were out there in the wind and mud, and trees started to fall around us.

Before we ended up having to evacuate due to the falling trees and branches we were able to salvage these native plants:

These native plants will be replanted at the Snoqualmie river and the area where we dug out the plants will be a dam to create a habitat to help save our Chinook salmon 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bear Cub Scout Outing to Corn Maze

Our Bear Cub Scout Outing to the Corn 

So I was laughing at the Universe because for some odd reason the pumpkin patch mixed up my fire pit reservation from the cute kids maze "Spookley the pumpkin corn maze"  TO the HUGE Adult maze....seen here in the picture...we somehow were to find our way in the dark to fire pit #6 lol!!!! We managed to get to our pit and
we had a blast! It was fun making a campfire dinner right in the corn maze by a bonfire. We are working on our "Outdoor Activity Award" and we choose these activities to complete:

1. Participate in an outdoor activity such as a picnic or park fun day
2. Explain the buddy system and tell what to do if lost.
3. Participate in an outdoor campfire program. Perform in a skit, sing a song, or take part in a ceremony

We already completed a 4th activity for this badge by doing our nature walk at our last week's outing. Now, we only have one more activity to do for this award. Next week we will accomplish this by completing a nature/conservation project in our area. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Turn Back Tuesday...Elf on Shelf finds Pinterest

Meet Mr. Jingles our little Elf on the Shelf...
Turn back Tuesday...this was Mr. Jingles last year when he first found out about Pinterest

Mr.Jingles was caught by mommy!! He didn't go back to the North Pole...he found Pinterest and hasn't slept since!!! He has been PINNING!!!!!

Laters Baby!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Angry Birds Halloween Bento Lunch

Angry Birds Halloween Bento Lunch

Today's Lunch includes:

mini cheese ball crackers
mandarin oranges
Angry Bird graham crackers
baby carrots
Babel cheese angry bird (I used a food safe black pen for eyes and eyebrows) carrot piece for the mouth
Turkey and cheese tortilla wraps
Honest kids organic juice

Cub Scout FREE Orientation Hand Out

Bear Den Meeting Orientation Hand Out Sheet

Hello everyone! Here is an orientation sheet I made for my cub scout parents explaining how meetings are run and how our "bear buck" program will work. Also on this post you will find the bear buck printables and an "About Me" printable I created for you. This was part of our 1st meeting agenda.

Inspiration for this orientation sheet came from here:

Bear Bucks (print out) I found these printables at this website HERE

Milk Carton Haunted House Bird Feeder

Milk Carton Haunted House Bird Feeder 
Cub Scout Meeting #1

Hello everyone! The first week of October I held my first den meeting as a den mother and we had a blast!
My den is a group of Bear cubs (3rd graders) and we needed to work on our "Achievement 5 Sharing Your World with Wildlife" for earning towards our Bear badge. The achievement 5a states to make a bird feeder. I figured that since its October that it would be fun to make a Haunted House bird feeder. 

Our den meetings are held in the library so it wouldn't be a good idea for the boys to paint the milk cartons themselves so I prepared the cartons by washing them, drying and then painting them with black acrylic paint. I was able to paint 12 cartons with just one small bottle of black acrylic paint. (right...middle picture shows my box ready to go with all the pre-painted milk cartons and snapware containers that held all the small bottles of glue, stickers etc. 
The windows on the milk carton are actually glow-in-the-dark duck tape =D I was so thrilled to find this!!! (its pictured in the upper right in photo) For the dimensional stickers, they were purchased at Michael's craft store for $1.00 a pack. I bought 6 packs (2 ea of bats, spider in web stickers and eyeball stickers) and divided up the stickers among the boys.  To make things run easier at the meeting I didn't want to bother with cutting all the duck tape strips for the shingles on the roof. What I did was cut the strips in approximately 2 inch length and then folded the strip leaving part of the sticky strip exposed and then I adhered them to baggies. The boys then could just peel off the strips and place them on the top of the carton. I make a pre-cut slit at the bottom of the opening on the milk carton so that the boys could just slip their wooden stick (also purchased at Michael's craft store in a pack) right into. This way I didn't have to deal with cutting and messing with it at the meeting. I also cut out the little ghosts and bats you see on wire floating above the feeder. I laminated them and once cut I taped them to pre-cut craft wire so all the boys needed to do is tape the wire to the roof. The last thing I did to prepare the feeders for the meeting was to hole punch the top of the carton and attach the string for the feeder to be hung up. 

Here is a printable I created of how I prepared the milk carton feeders:

Here is a printable of the ghosts (print and laminate)

Here is a printable of the bats (print and laminate)

Trick or Treat sign (print and laminate)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just like Sushi Bento Lunch

Just Like Sushi Bento Lunch

Today's lunch includes:

Strawberry jam and cream cheese roll up sandwiches 
(Just like Sushi)
Star-shaped cheddar cheese
Honey Crisp apple slices
Fish crackers
organic 100% fruit juice

Monday, October 7, 2013

Bananas For You Bento

Bananas for You Bento Lunch

I LOVE this banana case!! Its the best thing ever for not getting a squished bruised banana =D

Today's lunch includes:

Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, broccoli
Cheddar cheese cut into leaves 
BLT sandwich
Chocolate milk (not pictured)

Friday, October 4, 2013

School Owl Bento Lunch

School Owl Bento Lunch

This was a fun little lunch to make =D I used apple slices to create the feathers on the olw. The pencil was created using a mozzarella stick, ham for the eraser, a bugle chip (purchased at Target 1.00 stop) and a raisin for the tip. 

Today's Bento lunch includes:

Banana (sliced bananas) and Jam sandwich
Carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes
Strawberries, kiwi and blueberries

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yep I did....Lunchable Bento Lunch

Yep I did....Lunchable Bento Lunch

Yea..I am one of those moms who does NOT buy those lunchables...I just see the dyes in them and nitrates in the lunch meat and I cringe! I always buy the nitrate free lunch meats for our lunches. My sons have been telling me time and time again that they want to try one just ONCE  PLEASE MOMMY! They see many of their classmates bringing them for lunch.

Soooo....I let them try it just this ONCE lol! So we are living on the edge today and they are having their first "lunchable" I am trying to ease my mind by hoping they will finish their cherry tomatoes, kiwi and cutie orange to help balance it all out haha!

Turn Back Thursday...My boys' first day of Cub Scouts

My boys' first day of Cub Scouts

I chuckle at myself just one year ago this week when I first signed my boys up for Cub Scouts. I looked at the neckercheif and was unsure how it was to be worn so on the picture (right side...bottom) I positioned it like a fashion scarf and didn't any of the neckerchief showing in the back. I knew NOTHING about cub scouts. I actually thought it was ALL called Boy Scouts. Then I learned there are cub scouts then weblos and THEN Boy Scouts haha! 

These pictures were our very first pack meeting and well our first scout meeting ever! My son Ian who is my youngest entered in as a Tiger but was in kindergarten so he was too young to earn actual badges but they get to do all the activites. My oldest son Jayden entered in as a wolf after earning his bobcat badge. 

Here I am a year later as a den mother for my oldest son's Bear Cub den. We have grown to really love Cub Scouts and my boys have the same enthusiasm a year later about going to their meetings and activites. Cub Scouts have been the best mix of teamwork, athletics, art, competition, social skills, leadership, character building, confidence building and growing experience for my boys!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mickey Mouse Bento Lunch

Mickey Mouse Bento Lunch

Today is Wednesday which is our school's short day and they are off early. I tend to pack a lighter lunch on Wednesdays since I prepare a big snack for after school.

Here is what is in my Boys' lunch today (I say Boys because I have two sons and I make two identical bento lunches for each of them) =D

* Salami and cheese sandwich
* Mickey head shaped cheddar and mozzarella cheese
* strawberries
*100% fruit juice

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bear Den Meeting 1 Agenda

Bear Den Meeting 1 Agenda

Den meetings are usually held after school or on the evening. It is up to you as the den leader if you would like to meeting on a weekly basis or bi-weekly. For my den we plan to meet bi-weekly. The den meetings last approximately an hour. As a den leader you will be investing your time in other meetings as well such as:
* One evening each month for a pack meeting 
* One evening a month for the Cub Scout Roundtable ( at the roundtable you will get good program ideas based on the monthly core value and meet other leaders in your pack)
* One evening each month for a planning meeting with other pack leaders.

Tomorrow will be my first meeting as a den mom =D Here is the agenda I am starting out with for our first meeting. Since this is the month of October I thought it would be fun to work on achievement 5a making a bird feeder in a haunted house theme. Stay tuned for pictures and a tutorial on how we made it!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cub Scout Forms Free Printables

I'm getting ready to have my very first Den meeting for my Bear Cub Scouts!
I found these 1" inch white binders (in picture above) at Target for only .90 cents =D I made the cover (pictured on the left). These will folders will be given to my Scout parents. Inside has a list of our den, information on uniforms and where to put the patches, year events calendar and our October newsletter that I made up. (I will be posting this so stay tuned!)

Here are forms that I created that are in my leader binder. 

This is an activity sheet that I have for my Bear cubs to fill out at our first meeting. I will be hanging onto these as the first page to our scrapbook. I will be making a scrapbook for each cub that I will give to them at the end of their scout year as a gift. 

Monster's Inc.University Bento Lunch

Monster's University Bento Lunch 

Today's Lunch includes:
I found this package at Target that had the Monster's Inc theme snacks such as these cheese it crackers and the rice krispy a bento lunch mom this was a SCORE haha!! 
Also at Target I found the Juicy Juice in Monster's inc theme
Raisin oatmeal cookie
Egg salad sandwich
Broccoli and cherry tomatoes
Organic Blueberry mash up

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Despicable Me 2 Bento Lunch

Despicable Me 2 Bento Lunch

I was browsing my local Safeway store and found these CUTE theme cheese sticks and I was so excited! Included in the pack is cheese sticks with Spiderman, Transformers, these cute minons from Despicable Me and many more cool boy themes! Check out your grocery store and be on the look out for these cuties!

Today's Bento lunch includes:

Plain bagel with cream cheese (cream cheese is in the round container)
Minon theme mozzarella cheese stick
carrot sticks
Honest Kids organic juice 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cub Scouting 101

If you are like me and volunteered to be a Den Leader and not knowing WHERE to start and NOT a CLUE I hope this answers many questions for you and helps you on your way! 

Cub Scouting 101


The Den and the den meeting

All cub scouts belong to a den which is a group of boys the same age. The den typically has around 8-10 boys. The den is giving a den # to identify your group. My den is Den#3. As part of a den, your cub scout will attend meetings to work on completing requirements while learning about a monthly core value theme.The meetings can be once a week, bi-weekly or monthly. It all is determined by the den leader. My preference for meetings will to meet bi-weekly. I figure to get all the work done in achieving our badges, electives and awards for this school year, this is what it will take. 

Cub Scouts - Strong Values - Strong Leaders - Character Counts
One of the aims of Scouting is character development. In the Cub Scouting program, character development is emphasized through twelve core values.
You can plan your den meetings to participate in activities to complete your requirements while also learning about the monthly core value theme.  These 12 values are incorporated in the months of the year as follows :
January: Positive Attitude
February: Resourcefulness
March: Compassion
April: Faith
May: Health and Fitness
June: Perseverance
July: Courage
August: Honesty
September: Cooperation
October: Responsibility
November: Citizenship
December: Respect

Dens also usually go on an "outing" either once a month but again this is determined by the den leader. For my den I have decided an outing once a month. So as I mentioned the den is determined by the boy's age:

Tigers: First Grade or age 6 although in our area my youngest son Ian started out as a Tiger at age 5 in kindergarten. Before 1st grade however they "officially" can't earn badges but they can wear a uniform and participate in their den's activities. Once they become 1st graders they are a tiger cub that can start earning badges.

Wolf: 2nd Grade boys
Bear: 3rd Grade boys
Webelos: 4th and 5th Graders
hooray Boy Scouts!

Boy Scouts: Boys ages 11-17, or have earned the Cub Scouting Arrow of Light Award and are at least 10 years old

There will be several dens in your local area or school and together all these dens in your local area belong to a PACK

The Pack and the pack meeting

Our Pack is 571. The pack meets once a month and families of the scout is very much encouraged to attend. Families will be apart of participating with their scout in activities and projects. The families will also be there to celebrate with their scout on awards they have earned that month. Pack meetings will also include songs, skits, ceremonies and to get informed on upcoming events. Having the scouts family attend with him really helps with receiving ongoing encouragement and support in pursuing his goals. The family is a key factor in helping the cub to become not only a successful Scout, but a successful man in the future. 

The Uniform

The uniform is very important in helping the scout feel important and involved. All Scouts are asked to wear a cub scout navy shirt, neckerchief, navy pants either the official navy scout pants or other navy pants. Belt, scarf neckerchief slide and Scout cap. As far as the neckerchief the wolf wears a yellow neckerchief and the bear wears blue. The webelos wear a plaid one. 

Tiger Uniform looks like this:

Wolf Uniform looks like this: 

Bear Uniform looks like this:

Webelos Uniform looks like this:

Basic patches to start off with on your uniform shirt:

* unit number of your pack (in red number patches)

*American Flag

*Council shoulder patch (we are the Seattle Council)

Boy Scouts Chief Seattle Council patch

* World Crest


Here is a diagram to show you how the badge placement is on the pocket and sleeve of the Cub shirt...

also pictured is how you roll the neckerchief before wearing it. The 6" length of the angle neckerchief is worn in the back and the ties go in the front held by the scarf neckerchief slide. The neckerchief in front of Uniform will look like this positioned with the slide. 

Your cub after achieving his rank patch ( my younger will be working towards tiger and my older will be working for the bear patch achievements) then they have the opportunity to earn other patches, arrow points and patches for special awards such as "Leave No Trace Behind" and the "World Conservation Award"

Where do you put all the additional patches earned? Our pack purchases a red vest (optional) to display them but it is up to the Scout's family how they want to display them. I have seen them on a blanket or hung on a wall display. Here is what our red vest looks like:

The Handbook and Advancement

Each den rank uses a separate handbook so there is a different handbook for each of the Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Weblos. The den uses this handbook to accomplish the requirements they need in order to earn their rank. The very first thing that a Cub Scout needs to do is to earn his Bobcat rank Award. This can be done at home with the scout's family. To earn it he must fulfill 8 requirements, which mainly consist of learning and memorizing the Cub Scout motto, promise, law, handshake, salute, and sign. The other major part is having a sit-down discussion with his parents about safety and abuse. The handbooks have a small, removable booklet to help you lead this discussion. 

Signing Off
In your son's handbook, there are a lot of fun things he can do. At the bottom of each is a space for "Akela's OK," which is "parent's and den leader's signature." After your son has completed something to the best of his ability, the parent may sign their name to show that he has finished and then let you the den leader sign as well so you can record it in your records. What is an Akela?  Akela is anyone who is a leader to the Scout whether that is his parent, den leader, cubmaster or a teacher.

Year Events

The pack, including families, also participates in other special events throughout the year, including:

Pinewood derby®—You can build and race a model car with your son.
Blue and gold banquet—Cub Scouting’s birthday party—for all pack members 
and their families—in February.
Rain boat Regatta
Water Bottle Rockets
Camping—Overnight and day camp opportunities introduce your family to the 
camping experience.
Service projects—Packs may participate in food drives, conservation projects, or other community activities.

DO YOUR BEST =D and have FUN!!!

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