Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cub Scout Forms Free Printables

I'm getting ready to have my very first Den meeting for my Bear Cub Scouts!
I found these 1" inch white binders (in picture above) at Target for only .90 cents =D I made the cover (pictured on the left). These will folders will be given to my Scout parents. Inside has a list of our den, information on uniforms and where to put the patches, year events calendar and our October newsletter that I made up. (I will be posting this so stay tuned!)

Here are forms that I created that are in my leader binder. 

This is an activity sheet that I have for my Bear cubs to fill out at our first meeting. I will be hanging onto these as the first page to our scrapbook. I will be making a scrapbook for each cub that I will give to them at the end of their scout year as a gift. 


  1. Hi there - love all your ideas and love the binder idea. Am getting ready to have my first den meeting next week and found this very helpful. thanks


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